His Ways Are Higher

It is only February and what a year 2015 has been!

Many of you have asked for an update and I so appreciate your patience in receiving one. I will admit that I was holding off of writing this particular update because I was holding out hope that it wouldn’t need to be posted.

First, the good wonderful news!

IMG_9777We have the most perfect daughter (“S”) and could not be more in love! Every day I am more in awe of what an amazing little girl The Lord gave us and fall more in love with the precious sweetheart who I get to call mine. Every moment with her has been a joy and a vivid picture of His love for us, the beauty of His creation, and the wonder of His plans. I love my daughter more than I ever thought possible and would walk this road again in a heartbeat to have her in my arms and watch the way she looks at her Daddy.

Now, the update and the unexpected news…

It turns out that the second little girl we thought we were bringing home was not supposed to end up in our family. The birthmother went into labor early and we were excited to see that our girls would be exactly three weeks apart. After arriving in the city where this birth family was located, and waiting on pins and needles in a hotel room, we were told of the developments in the family situation which were not looking good for us bringing home that baby. To say we had a rough few days was an understatement but we had peace, even then, that God was not alarmed by any of the details and that He was holding us, and this baby, in His hands. In the end the birthmom changed her mind prior to signing the papers. We had spoken to her previously and know that she loved us and that the decision to parent had nothing to do with us but was a result of circumstances beyond her control. If He lays it on your heart, please be in prayer for her, her daughter, and their situation. Our hearts ache for that little girl, for her sweet birthmom, and for those involved, but we know that God is working it out for His glory. Having watched Him work through the first failed adoption we experienced helped us to deal with the pain of losing what we thought was ours but knowing and trusting completely that He was not surprised and that He would not forsake this child simply because she didn’t go home with us. (You can read about our first failed placement by clicking here.)

The other good wonderful news is that we are still adopting two babies!

The second one is not coming from the match we originally thought but the agency was quick to tell us that they wanted to keep us on the list, continue to show our profile, and were anxious to see what other child God had for us now. Andrew and I had always intended on adopting as many children as the Lord would lead but always assumed we would have a few years in-between. Now we can’t imagine not having two babies around at the same time. The Lord provided – through You! – the funds needed to adopt a second child, not just start the process, and we feel confident that there is a reason for that and He has another child who is meant to join our family in the near future.

We aren’t sure of the details but we are so thankful that He is in control! Looking at S is a daily reminder of how His ways are higher than ours and that we would always prefer His plans to ours. Had we not said yes to both birthmoms in the beginning we never would have brought S home. If we had not taken that leap of faith – we would have chosen birthmom #2 because on paper she was less of a risk. Wow! That fact still blows me away – watching the details work together in His plan is nothing short of awe-inspiring. One day I will write that whole story but right now I am going to go listen to my wonderful husband read to my precious daughter and hold on tightly to each moment of our family of three because I am trusting it won’t be this way for long.

IMG_0732Thank you again for your patience with this update and for your continued prayers and support. We are so thankful for you.

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